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To survive in the future you need to be digitalised - Be Productive

We believe in the proverb, "If you work, you will get rewards." That is a prosperous process, but people in the digital world are getting idle-witted on account of the many facilities of digital production. Comparing the whole world, Bangladesh is now one step ahead, so citizens in our country are learning digital ways to live or survive. In this decade, all people are losing their dormant talent because they are not able to use their brains for their work. For a viz, they are using a helping hand digitally, not their brain to complete any kind of task. That's a simple example. Recently, we got touched by artificial intelligence (AI), which provides us with a huge advantage in completing our daily tasks. People are using AI like their personal assistant. On account of this fact, people are no longer able to do their work as previously. If this continues, the world of the future may be under threat, so we have to make ourselves active and productive. We have to use digital devices and digital methods only when necessary. Did you know that the children of the creators of the most popular social media site, Facebook, also use digital devices only at certain times?Those who have not yet managed to stand up for themselves should give it a try. All your failures will eventually become the ingredients of your success. Be smart about sustaining yourself in the next decade, but don't give yourself away. Know yourself, learn, understand, and then take action.

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